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6/24/21: Hard at it - rummage sale starts Saturday! If you're in the area I'm even parting with some of my overstock at low low prices! A lot of my work clothing will go, too. Trying to build a wardrobe suitable for commercials. It appears the Kindle CWBP is ready! I spent a lot of time yesterday going through it. Honestly, I don't know why I didn't do this before. It simply boggles me. Maybe I should get into that nicotine anti-alzheimer trial. And I would, too - if I felt I had a future worth preserving.




6/23/21: Fun shoot at Nissan - and now I want a new car! They were all great there, really enjoyed it, though most of it was sitting around waiting. I think if it's okay, my next blog will be on this experience. I know the last commercial before this we weren't allowed to say anything about it. I don't know about this one. Is it evil of me to want a car that only gets 33 mpg? PT this morning, and I feel better knowing there are things I can do for this spondylosis or whatever. It's my neck, as it has been for the last 20 years. And I could have injured my rotater cuff, so I have exercises. He was impressed with my overall physical shape though, and says yeah, do the yoga. It hurts after but I'm not making the spondy worse by doing it, which is what I worried about. I have to go buy some 3-lb weights now.


6/22/21: Jazz and the Secret Meeting, a children's book my son Adam illustrated when he was only 13, is now in the hands, with illustrations requested, of a reputabled publisher. Fingers crossed! I have others in the series i'd like to write if this gets accepted. Hope Adam's ready to draw more!  Off to shoot a commercial in the next few minutes, with pain killers and food and coffee swallowed. Hoping it's just a morning's job in Madison, but I'll be ready for anything. This time hopefully I've found the right look! Am doing a read aloud on Boone, it'll be the next book I SP. 


6/21/21: Hope you had a lovely day celebrating family yesterday. Funny story. Every time I ask my husband to tell us a story from when his kids were little, he always tells the same one. Is that all he remembers? Gosh, I have a ton of them. Anyhow, I need to shout out a thanks to whoever bought the Michigan book yesterday. I hope that those who buy it are people who will give me their name so I can add them to a list for updates to that database, should I get them. And I suspect I will. I also hope that they are enthused by it and tell others. My biggest fear is that there is one or two out there spreading the word that I'm not worth it. Yeah, insecurities. But that's what happens in this business. I am braced for a completely negative review by someone who's not even seen the book. Today is relaxation day because I hope to calm my pain down enough to work the commercial tomorrow. Still don't have all the details. It'll be my luck they cancel it.


Oh! Forgot to mention. History #4 blog is now posted, on Immigration Segregation.


6/20/21: Happy Father's Day. We're headed to Chicago for lunch with our daughter. Looks like it might rain, but that makes the day blessed, IMO, because we need the rain.


I need to get to work on the Wisconsin Area 1 Copper Artifact Resource Manual, but it's not going to be easy. It's a much larger area, copper-wise, than Michigan, more complex, and having no sales on the Michigan copper book doesn't help. I mean, I shared it with the Michigan Archaeology Society and NO ONE bought it?  That just seems odd to me. I think it'll catch on eventually. I hope, anyway. It sure is something you can't get anywhere else.  But that doesn't mean anyone wants it. I do have other projects, of course. Two novels that need red pen edit, and one that just needs another read before I SP it. It was previously published, and a hard sell before that, because I'm not American Indian myself. But I was careful with Saving Boone, to write the adventure from his white "half-breed" perspective. My son now has a spectacular cover for me, so I'm going to go ahead with it. Sometime this summer. I'm working on History Lesson #4 and the Bonanza Virginia City book, too.


I heard back from the KDP gang, and they are working to fix my Kindle copy of CWBP. Why these things go wrong to begin with, I don't know. Maybe it's just the size of the book.




6/19/21: I guess I won't be able to post any more links. Tried to post one yesterday and it refused. I'd have to remove a few. Which to remove? I think a couple could be moved to the copper page. Now in the process of switching mobile companies. Again. We have to pay off our phones first, and then, Consumer Cellular says we'll TRY to see if your phones are compatible. If not, we'd have to run out and buy new ones. Doesn't sound like a great idea to me, but if we can do it before the end of June they'll give us $50 in credits on our phone bill, which would only be $40 a month with 10gb. Certainly better than the hike we got from Spectrum after canceling our cable with them. That was no mistake, going to Dish. I know have GREAT internet access in my office. Can even shut the cats out if I want, and keep working. Rummage sale next weekend. Of course, with all this dry weather, that's the weekend they expect to be a washout. If so, I'll just wait a month and try again. Was going to Green Bay today to tend my father's grave. Felt like the right thing to do on Father's Day weekend. But our GB family didn't want us to come, and what do you do? Drive all the way there, water flowers, and drive all the way back? Sorry, Dad.


6/18/21: Yesterday I felt good physically, but it had to be the worst day (so far) of 2021. Started off with Adam's sad news. And then I got an email doctor bill. Email? Saying my payment was coming due? What happened to bills that break down services and insurance payments by mail? I determined not to pay until I got the insurance EOB. Not much later, the insurance sent their EOB - by email.  Geez. So I paid it but I also learned my deductible is $500 more than I thought, which was already $500 more than I had. Good thing I'm getting commercial work. Then I'm getting ready to submit the Beloit Walk Tour that I finished on Tuesday, and was so proud and happy about, and it was gone. I mean, all the changes I made to it on Tuesday never saved. It ... never ... saved. I looked everywhere! I had no choice but to recreate all those changes, spent all last night doing that, after going to the museum and picking up the materials I needed. And to top off the day I got the updated mobile bill from Spectrum. We were told when we canceled their cable and internet that our phone bill would go up by $20. Wrong. it went up $40. Totally negating the reduction on that bill we were hoping when we switched to Dish. Sure, I found cheaper phone services we can switch to. But neither of them will take the phones we have that we haven't paid off at Spectrum yet! Yup. This is gonna be an expensive summer. But you know what? Who cares. Because we don't make any interest even on our CD right now. Might as well spend it.


We did have one good thing happen - saw the movie "Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard." Absolutely a ton of fun and I highly recommend you go back to the Cinema to see it. I know, you've been happy sitting in front of your TV streaming stuff. But there is nothing, I repeat, nothing, that takes the place of the big screen. Please go or we will lose this venue forever.


Now a question - I've been getting a lot of hits, maybe due to my History Lessons. But these hits do not translate to any books sales. I'm curious - are you real people? Or are all these spam hits? I use this website as a marketing tool, but it's costly, and if it doesn't translate to sales I will have to cancel it the next time the domain comes up for renewal. I get no contacts, at all, no sales, so either it's the same person hitting on me, over and over, or these are spam hits. Either way, I have until next April to see sales, or get contacted here with people telling me where I'm going wrong in what I'm writing. Thanks for listening.


6/17/21: I posted my new blog today on the impact of Virginia City silver on the monetary standard in the U.S. See if it makes sense to you. It's one of those undercurrents in our society that doesn't get the attention it should. This is HIstory Lesson #3, with #4 in the works. I'll keep doing these to encourage people to buy my nonfiction.


6/16/21: I think it's true that it's hard to leave decades of stage work behind. I got a second commercial this month, and again, based on a photograph, not a video. I just don't "act" natural enough for most commercials. I even questioned this in the last Zoom seminar my agency ran, where they said, don't forget you're acting skills when you're on the job, and I said, the problem is they want us to act natural, which to me means not acting at all. I really need to work hard to get another job off a video audition. My new (old) goal for 2021.


6/15/21: It has occurred to me that summer doesn't mean fun in the sun to me, because of marrying a farmer. As a kid summer was just the best time, when our folks took us places. I tried to make that fun for my kids, by taking them places without him. Like the time we rented a pop-up camper. I am happy that my three kids now love to travel and go places with their spouses/kids. But once again, it has lost its meaning for me. Sigh. I almost posted this on facebook but would rather do it here where I can mourn in private. I wanted to take a trip to Yellowstone this summer. I've never been there. He once said if he went anywhere in retirement it would be to National Parks. But why can't I get him to agree to go? Have you ever visited a national park alone? Is it any fun at all?


Hoping to finish History Lesson #3 tomorrow. Today is submissions day.


6/14/21:  Has anyone ever lived with chronic pain while waiting for relief? What if I need surgery? Will I come out the other side feeling as young and virbrant as before? At my age, that seems doubtful. I now realize that what started as consumption of hormone fed chicken (which I admit was the main part of my diet) elevating my estrogen, ending in a D&C and continuing with fears of cancer led me to exercise less, which led to this shoulder pain during an intense house cleaning with the Kirby, is now responsible for my being unable to exercise at all, except walking. I have to be careful not to use my right arm, but that's hard, being right handed, and I can't wear a sling because of long-standing neck pain from a fall off a horse. Fun, eh? 


But we learn to cope. I mean, after, all look at Stephen Hawking. So onward. I read my latest issue of Archaeology magazine and was horrified to see them pass on the same misinformation about the copper industry. So yes, History Lesson #3 is forestalled and I have now blogged my response to Archaeology magazine but on the copper page, because mostly only people interested in copper are going to read it. I'll try to get History Lesson #3 out this week. I'm working on the Virginia City book almost exclusively now, and this new lesson has connections to that, so it's great fun to expand on something that doesn't seem to be well known online otherwise. You know, fill in the blanks kind of thing.


I thought the writer's group last night went quite well for a first time. I had us go around with two different questions to answer about our writing, and I think for next time we need to focus on what we want to be in a writers group. It's one thing to say my work is going fabulously well, and another to say I'm here because .... In everyone, though I did sense that they were struggling with something and it's that struggle we need to focus on.


I sent From Lincoln to Trump out for a free review in Publishers Weekly. They don't accept everyone, so here's hoping.


6/13/21:  Felt so good yesterday I went back to my usual yoga routine.  Okay, mistake. I now see that every time I tried to do any of my exercises, I hurt myself. So this is not good. I'm gonna be so outta shape because of this - eick. I'll turn into an old lady!  I sure hope they have answers on the 23rd, and again, I am SO glad it wasn't this bad when I shot that commercial.


But you know what's hard? Waiting for the money. Especially when it's already spent. Yeah, I'm still waiting for the medical bills to come flooding in, though I expect only to pay the deductable. That's still more than I have, because I decided to use my own (travel) savings to pay for it.  Good news is my royalty this month will be for 16 books sold in April. Wonder why that was a good month? Now I got three new books out, well, two second edition, which I suppose are hard sells.  Cricket still owes me for that article last year, and I'm waiting for the commercial money which is supposed to be within 30 days. The agent gets it, takes their cut and they send me the check.


I did get a way to contact a national educator's organization. I'd like to send copies of my books to them for consideration. Here's hoping.


6/12/21: Nearly done with the Beloit walk, and glad, too. I think it'll make a good brochure for the city. But I think if I want another volunteer opportunity, it should be in Janesville. I sent my article to the Beloit paper but they're not nibbling. It was $30 for them, but they've not written back. Oh, well, probably wouldn't have paid for itself. Just trying to buy a little attention, say hey Beloit, I live here now. I did buy a campaign for CWBP so fingers crossed that helps. We have to get the word out beyond our own community, if marketing is to work at all.


6/11/21: Working hard on History Lesson #3, this one concerning Virginia City silver and how it impacted and the gold versus silver standard debate in the US. Fascinating and confusing topic! But one that fits right in with the nonfiction on Virginia City I'm working on. Happy to announce, too, that I managed to pull together a 5-member core group of Madison AG writers, and our first meeting will be on Sunday. And I finally got an FB response I was expecting - someone else who had shoulder and back pain with a gall bladder attack! I'm still waiting for results of that ultrasound. I also think I might have a rotator cuff tear. Gosh, how lucky can one gal get! I mean, I had great plans for 2020 when that year started, and then when 2021 rolled in I thought wonderful, we have Biden and a vaccine and this could be a great year! I guess I gotta stop looking ahead. All I want now is relief.


I've got two free copies of Michigan copper going out today. Here's the link in case you know a budding archaeology student, lots of good stuff packed in these pages.  Also going to order a promotional kit for CWBP. It deserves to be read, and how I would love to have a fellow historian validate it.


6/10/21: First good night's sleep in a while, in fact, I woke up thinking it's gone! I'm healed! And then I got out of bed. But it's not as bad as it started being a week ago, so that's something. Or maybe the pain center in my brain has finally thrown up some road blocks. Got the ultrasound on the gallbladder and waiting for results. That would be a quicker fix, if that's what it is. I am working hard on my Cartwright project, the Beloit Walk Tour brochure for their visitors center, and Journal of an Undead: Climax. So nice to have those three nonfiction projects put to bed, but I also have to get to work on Wisconsin Area 1 copper. That'll fill the slot the Beloit Walk Tour is taking up. And honestly, I think my volunteering will end when that's done. Unless I decide maybe to volunteer in Janesville.


6/9/21: Take a look at my new blog, History Lesson #2: History of the US Police. I found it illuminating.


Glad I can still post. Now I know what it means when they say "gasping in pain." And PT can't fit me in until the 23rd. Yeah. 23rd. Now the pills I got do work - but this morning I can't take one because I have to fast from 7:30 to 1:30 for an ultrasound on my gall bladder. And those pills make me thirsty. Wouldn't it be cool if they found out that's what's causing this pain? Hey, gotta pay the deductible anyway, might as well have everything go wrong at once, eh?


Speaking of gasping in pain, I do that when I check my Amazon sales reports. One of the reasons, perhaps, that this shoulder now hurts is because I was focused, too hard, probably, on getting these three nonfiction books out.  Yeah, two are second editions, but that included two indexes. The third has no index but lots of issues on its own. You will not go wrong from any one of these. Take a look at this link for an overview of what I offer:


And now, to take my mind off food and drink the rest of the day, I'll update here with some goodies from these new nonfiction releases.


For an excerpt of the newly released Michigan Copper Artifact Resource Manual, please visit the copper tab. I'm waiting to see a sample of the finished copy before I post a link on dailies. I think it's good, but I'm waiting to see before a big marketing push. To see links to purchase on other books, go to the excerpts tab.


6/8/21:  You know it is true - if you don't have your health, you have nothing. If you're smoking, please find a way to quit.


6/7/21: Got a prognosis on my shoulder pain - degenerative disc disease. Great, just what I wanted, something chronic. I'm getting muscle relaxers for the pain and will be doing physical therapy. They said if that doesn't work they'd send me for pain therapy. Doesn't sound promising to me.


HOT OFF THE PRESS! The new, additional 100 page CIVIL WAR & BLOODY PEACE: Following orders is READY for purchase! Use this link. To reiterate, this is the culmination of 20 years of research and much of what you see here is not in print anywhere else, because it includes years of travel to sites for primary research. New in second edition includes a teacher's classroom guide, new information on Grant, better analysis and more dedicated index.


Michigan Copper book will hopefully be sent through today. I had neglected to add the resources to the bibliography that were used in the tables, so that took a little time to dig up. You'll see the museums referenced early on in the book. I'll be adding some clips from it once it gets published.


6/6/21: Sad, no sales in June yet, though hits here continue to be strong. 15 a day is pretty good for me, though 50 would be better (grin). Need to focus next week. I still hurt bad in the mornings, but that should keep me rooted at the computer to get things done. Now that CWBP is nearly available the copper book can be finished up today. I also have to finish work on the walking tour for Beloit Historical and the Vistors Center. But yes, I need to update materials here, too. Ah, work is never done.



6/4/21:  Such excruciating pain I haven't felt since I flew off a horse back in '97. Got a message to doctor for referral, could be something cracked in there. At least no cancer, got the word yesterday after forcing them to give me results. The whole incident with the gynecologist makes no sense, but I'm putting it behind me. I wanted that biopsy and finally got cleared. But what is causing this pain? Woke up at 6 a.m. just in agony. Gotta finish my edits. Just gotta. Two books ready to go live. Not that anyone will buy them. But I want them behind me, too. You know the feeling? Done. Good. Moving on.


6/3/21: A failure at everything. Yup. Back to that old song. I'm trying to set up the next AG writers meeting on zoom and getting nowhere. Seen by 6, one like, but no responses. Why do I need this? I don't need this. In fact, I have already decided to stop with submissions by the end of the year of I get no contract. I started this to have a professional writers group meet in Madison and so far I've got a couple who say they're willing to meet in Lake Mills. Sorry, gang, but a couple people is a date, not a meeting. By the end of today, if no further responses, I will be resigning as moderator. I do have other areas where my focus needs to be. We will be staying in Beloit, for now, no more thoughts of moving to Green Bay or Seattle, or anywhere else. I am getting back with a Madison group so that's where my focus needs to be. Where I'm wanted. Right? I sure hope I'm right. And though I may not have done great at the commercial, I did better than I expected, considering the pain I was in. But, still and all, not good enough to make commercials my future. "Too aware of the camera," as they say.


6/2/21: This is the place where I let me hair down, here and no other. I think of this as my psych couch. Anyway, re: yesterday, if they were a little more clear what our character was to be, and the color scheme of clothing, I could have come more prepared. I don't dress like a 'mother,' though and was happy to wear what they wanted. It just added to their expense, which made me feel bad. 


Funny story, when I lived in Madison I joined Madison Filmmakers but I didn't feel was making a contribution so when I moved to Beloit I quit. I recently won a role in a short film by - you got it - Madison Filmmakers. I'm a member again!


6/1/21: The commercial shoot went okay, though I was hurting the whole time and worried because I had to wear their clothes instead of mine. I do think I need to blog about this whole medical experience, which is really pissing me off, and just be done with it. And I will, after the final two pieces fall into place. Hopefully tomorrow. Not much to say about the commercial. I was a party of six, a family celebration and none of us had lines. I had to be told to tone it down once, and they filmed one scene on the sly to get it more natural looking. But I think I was okay. I just have to learn to ditch the theater act. Not easy for me to do.

5/31/21: Tired! But it's a happy tired. My boys together always are able to make me laugh. They are so much fun together, as they were growing up. I used to think they'd turn into the next Smothers Brothers, the way they can play off each other. We had a great family day with Carrie, their sister on Saturday and her hubby Chris brought some guns, one that was a smash laugh. Even got Adam to play Oh Hell Saturday night after they left. On Sunday we went to Truk't, one of our favorite restaurants, and then drove out to Beckman's Mill, the area county park, to plan on the dam there. Then watch three monster movies! And of course Cards against Humanity. Monday it was the sad farewell. Tired! But happy. Tomorrow - commercial! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


5/29/21: My sons from Seattle are here so I won't be chatting much. Got then to watch Trial of Chicago 7 last night and they agreed it was so good. Today Carrie's coming over after we hit the Farmer's Market and get some more groceries, and have a party all day. Then tomorrow Ben agreed he'd like to eat out at Truk't and I have to get a Covid test for Tuesday's shoot. Darn it! Hope you have a great weekend, I'll post brief again tomorrow. Oh, and I ordered my print sample of CWBP but still have the indexing and chapter pages to fix, which I can do while I'm waiting for it. 


5/28/21: Human beings don't come with instructions. That's why we have to be very direct with our doctor about what's bothering us. Finally yesterday I got someone to look at the tumor that's been bothering me. Not the two doctors I've been working with, no. They both blew it off as a simple cyst or pimple. The doctor yesterday took a close look, and decided on a biopsy. So I'm sitting here now, sore and happy. Yes! This is the one thing that got me seeking medical help to begin with. I hope he can be my doctor now, though he is by default, I guess. No one can tell how we feel unless we tell them. If they don't listen, find someone who will.


So I'll have a slow day but I didn't leave a lot to do before my sons get here. Trying to talk Joe into tossing the recliner down in the family room, which will not leave there in one piece anymore. And moving this one that neither of us likes (it's his) down there, and getting him one like mine, which will definitely free up some more room up here! Hey, we still haven't spent all our stimulis money and I'm sure the sons will enjoy helping out.


Finally on a roll with the print copy of CWBP. Finally. Formatting was a pain, and it shouldn't have been. But then, I have changed writing software since the last time I did it.


5/25/21: Yay, I got a commercial! This was a pre-select off the agent's targeted list of photos, and all I had to do was submit an updated photo. So I guess it's just a photo shoot, a rooftop party event for a medical center. I'm game, hey, it pays! But I also learned something about why I missed the one shoot I really wanted. I was not supposed to talk using my hands. Why didn't I notice that in the clip that was shared with me!? I simply must learn to take more time figuring out what they want so I can give it to them.


More excited about my sons coming this weekend. I wish I had looked in time to get a sleeper sofa. Obviously, if I want to have company that is a must for the family room. Time to get rid of my beloved Western love seat. That's the oldest piece of furniture in our house, and it wears well, except where the cats attacked it.


Getting the Michigan book submitted for a sample copy today. Not sure I want to go with 8x10, but we'll see how it looks.


Not getting any responses to my AG community request. Have decided that June 17 will be the last zoom I will host for the group. After that, whoever wants can meet on Saturday or Sunday in Lake Mills. In person. That's the reason I started this.


5/23/21: Doing something I've not done in five years. Visit mom and dad's grave. Mom died in 2016 and I've not been back. I used to be the only one around who could put flowers on my dad's grave, then mom moved back and took over, and now, well, why have I been away so long? Living this far away, and my brother's in Green Bay so he was doing it. He doesn't have a car now, and I got a greenery gift card. While I was there, it was like an ephiphany. Interesting how that works.


5/22/21: Here's why I love history - because it answers things. You'll see what I mean in my new blog. I'm going to try and done a History Lesson once a month. This one is on Women's Suffrage, and contains a few surprises, at least for me.


5/21/21: I appreciate those who have taken a chance on my two second edition Kindles now available. I've sold one of each. Can I credit Author Week? Doubtful, as the first was before they started. The Michigan copper book is a formating nightmare, but I'm hopeful I'll get that done soon. This past week I've gotten four rejections on novels, one of each that are being submitted. That's a first. I also finished a near final edit of "Archaeology of the Dead," and now I should try to figure out what goes on the cover. It's a look at murder in a past life and current life that collide and I'm not getting any good visual for the cover. There's a cave, copper artifacts, an excavation, a motorcycle, contacts between Hopewell and Teotihuacan -- there would be a danger of putting too much past life on it but it is a contemporary adventure - not a romance but a mystery. Gosh, I guess I'd almost call it literary. I don't write genre. Maybe a cave in a cliff, a campfire with smoke leading upward into two bloody knives? Both deaths are caused by knives. What would most intrigue you about a novel like this?


My male Siamese Anubis is a wonder. Definitely human in a past life. He's adopted the neighbor for some reason. We were watching squawking ducks in their yard for a while, but only when the neighbor came home and couldn't drive in the garage did Anubis decide he had to chase them away. It was for this neighbor that he chased a raccoon out of their garage.


5/20/21: Still no sales off my newest marketing campaign with Author Week. It's weak all right, they don't make it sound like they even know what the book's about, so what good is that going to do? Sure, it's supposed to get your new title in front of a new audience that you can't reach, but for your money they could at least use your pitch. I paid 1/3rd the amount a few weeks back for the same results, so less loss, I guess. Somehow, I will learn to become marketing savvy, especially since it appears all I'll ever be again is self-published. Did you ever read my rant against self-publishing? Then you'll know how I feel about that. My next one will be the Michigan copper book, and then I'll get back to the print copy of Civil War & Bloody Peace. I'm still marketing my other fiction. Got three rejection from three novels this week alone. And Cricket Magazine still hasn't paid me. Still counting on that commercial to come through - to look on the bright side.


5/19/21: True story: I was shopping with a friend who had a bum knee so outside one small store where we can park in a handicapped spot right in front, I forgot to put the handicap thing on the rearview. We weren't in there a really long time but as we were leaving I said, oh dear, I think I forgot to put the handicap thing in the rearview. Almost simultanously, I noticed the cop, and the ticket wrapped around my windshield. It was lightly raining. And I said to him, oh no, I just forgot to put it on my mirror. "So you have one? We have to make sure the right people get these spots." I tell him she has a bum knee, which is why I used my husband's thing, and I got it out of the glove compartment and showed him. And he immediately took the ticket off the windshield and tossed it. Now, my question, did I get out there right after he put it on, or was he waiting around to see if someone was going to come out?  Anyway, that's the first time that ever happened to me. Because honestly, when I'm not with my husband I do not use those spots. What would he have done to me if he saw me come out alone, and not handicapped?


Oh, and we saw the movie "Here Today," with Billy Crystal. Quite enjoyable, but sad, a movie about dementia, and regrets in life. Tiffany Haddish is a marvel.


5/16/21: The power is inside you. It doesn't come from anyone else. 


Lovely day with my daughter and her partner yesterday, shopping downtown Beloit, going to that fantastic greenery in Janesville, playing a fun bird game (I won as usual when learning a new game - irritates Chris so much!) (grin). Joe made his fantastic Indian tacos with our new hot oil machine because that's the only way they're good, and Carrie and Chris bought dinner at the most popular restaurant in town and then we sat and talked movies. Chris is going for a PhD in film so he's always fun to talk to that way. They're planning a game day when Ben and Adam are here over Memorial Day. It'll be so nice to have my three kids together again. Such a rare event. The last time it happened was when I went to Crete and they thought they had to take care of dad. So I missed out. Before that, it was at my mom's funeral. But there was never a time I could be with the three of them at once. 


5/13/21: Yeah, I'm back. Not as bad as I feared but sore in the most logical place after something like that. I thought I better say something. This morning I posted on Facebook that I was headed to the hospital, and I thought to make light of it, but due the responses received - all very sweet and genuine -- I decided to delete the post. See, the one thing I've always have a hard time with is weakness, especially my own. And I'm glad I deleted it because it turns out the biopsy could take a while. I didn't get to see the doctor afterward, which bothered me, but I am not expecting anything but a clean bill of health. So today, I get to sit around, the sample book of From Lincoln to Trump should be here today so with luck that'll be approved, and maybe also the CWBP Kindle second edition will go out. I know, ambitious. But I don't nap well, either. I'm also doing the final edit for the Michigan copper resource manual. I got to thinking though, since I'll never get to finish, I might just offer a few of these colletions, free, to places that could use them most. Like South America, Mexico, and Ohio. I'll be lucky to finish Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa before I call it quits.


5/11/21: In the middle of editing second edition for Civil War & Bloody Peace: kindle edition and am glad to be doing so. The facts don't change, sir, but some of my logic and analysis needed clarification. I also found new material to add, and this time I won't worry that I'm making it too long. This book had been HUGE once, but publishers shied away from it so I kept whittling away at it. But in this edition, too, I'm taking out unnecessary references to Henry. As I've said all along, who he was is not important. But following his orders gives us a more direct look at attitude of those orders. The movie script I wrote on the Little Bighorn will be resubmitted to competition this month, as a last-ditch effort you might say. 


5/10/21: Birthday wisdom for the year. Don't take a single day for granted. Don't let negativity from others get you down. Don't let your own failures subdue you. There's always something else around the corner. If you cannot smile, at least try not to rage. The world is not the monster. Your reaction to it can be.


5/3/21:  I canceled my trip to WWA convention in Colorado in June because at the time it felt like the right thing to do. I like to follow my instincts. I wanted to dedicate myself to getting a house and moving to Green Bay. How can Joe want to live in this heat? We should move north while we can. And he's no longer in charge of the climate inside the house either. He roasted us up yesterday after I told him the shades need to come down during sunny days. How would you like living with a man for nearly 46 years who doesn't listen? Now Marty thinks he'll need to move to Beloit when Becky kicks him out of the house, as early as this summer, so Joe says, yeah we have that little electrified "tiny house" on our property! Oh yeah, I agreed! Well, he's my brother. And he's always seemed to need to live "with" someone. I may be stuck in Beloit, but I'm pretty sure I don't have to be stuck here. So goes my thoughts a week before I lose 67.


5/2/21: Got to thinking about social media again. We have to realize that we're not just throwing conversations into the wind to see which wall they'll stick to, though it can feel that way. We are conversing with other real human beings. And the taste you leave in someone's mouth can linger there for a very long time. It is not your place to change someone's mind. Because you are a blank voice - just many floating around in the wind and those on the other end might not remember you're a real human being, too.


Monette Bebow-Reinhard spent years, while raising children, satisfying her artistic bent by acting, directing and writing plays. She wrote her first movie script in 1975 but author William Peter Blatty said it was already a movie. In 1993 she gained access to the world of Bonanza through contact with its producer/creator, David Dortort. After three years, during which she promoted a script she wrote, she met with him in LA and convinced him she could write Bonanza material. After the Calder contract ended, she became the authorized Bonanza writer with two novels published, now in 2nd and 3rd editions. She continues to write movie scripts and has won several minor awards. Her first Bonanza novel, Felling of the Sons, won two awards; a first and a second place. She earned a master's in history in 2006 and Dortort felt her vision of the Civil War, and of Lincoln, was the same as his. She picked up a co-author for Dancing with Cannibals, an African historical in 1906, using his research and vision to help him make it a controversial and exciting adventure. Between 2016 and 2017 three novels got contracts but all are no longer available, due to her disappointment in these two publishers. She has done a lot of film acting in recent years, is agented, and filmed a local commercial that aired, even in prime time, in 2020. 

Bebow-Reinhard’s most recent publication is From Lincoln to Trump: a political transformation; written because she was tired of people not understanding why our first black president was a Democrat. With this book, and her other book, she calls herself a journalistic historian. Facts and attitudes are needed to understand this nation's history. 


CIVIL WAR & BLOODY PEACE: FOLLOWING ORDERS – a soldier's orders that are followed between 1862 and 1884 show relevance to today's world. Divisiveness today is easier to understand, and maybe even to deal with when we see the similarities related to race and equal rights. How did we get this way?

FELLING OF THE SONS – In 1860 Nevada, after the Paiute War, a father fights a nemesis out to destroy all he loves. His dilemma, when all three of his sons are in danger in different directions, which one does he rescue first?

MYSTIC FIRE – The Civil War in the East reaches Nevada when runaway slaves are sent to find a Cartwright to help stop Lincoln and end up tearing the family apart.

DANCING WITH CANNIBALS – Are cannibals monsters or real people? You might be surprised. Follow the adventures of two colonists to the Belgian Congo in 1906 and discover the reason some cultures eat human flesh, and how they struggled in this historical fiction to keep their world from being decimated.

ALIEN LOVERS – This adventure into the source of the human soul pairs a vampire with an alien who is bent on turning the Earth "back." A must read for the trilogy adventure "Journal of an Undead." 


GRAVEYARD: A dead woman chases her identical twin to a new town in this hilarious attempt to claim her husband and her children, getting them all mixed up in some afterlife hi-jinx. 

THE BIGHORN DECEIT: A soldier who befriends Custer follows disingenuous orders to the Little Bighorn. A FINALIST IN THE 2020 CREATIVE WORLDS AWARD COMPETITION.

AWAKENED: In 1503 Greece a cowardly Janissary Turk soldier falls for a Sultan's slave. They are killed trying to escape and he returns as vrykolakas—vampire. She follows him in spiritual form to help him learn to fight his thirst.

THE MEXICAN WALL AFFAIR: A political superhero romp COMEDY/SATIRE features Mexican mythological heroes determined to stop the wall from being built between the US and Mexico when a girl calls to them for help to see her mother one last time. The evil US president wants the wall to control drug trafficking.

DEAD MAN'S PASS: A cattle drive composed of a variety of immigrants sets out to unhaunt a canyon pass where other drovers have met their fate. When they are joined by a man cursed to go through a third time, the Indian drover must find a way to share his secret.


IF IT RAINS IN PARIS: scheduled to turn into a novel, this follows the adventures of a mother, her daughter and granddaughter on a trip to Europe, in an attempt to bond and heal old wounds. Based on a true story.




DEADLINE: Envisioned as the afterlife of assassinated people, and a play that the characters can be cast as any age and any sex.