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5/12/21: Got my new blog on "Scourge of the Soul" here. This is the introduction, to explain what the book will be about. I've got the table of contents worked out, but it'll be years before I get anywhere on this. I would welcome feedback, though. Does this sound valuable? Have you read anything like this?


Well, I'm prepped and ready for my D&C tomorrow, so wish me luck! I got to thinking. If I'm given a clean bill of health, I'm going to need to re-examine where I'm at and see where I should take my new future. I have some ideas, such as directing stage plays, and focusing more on writing them. Maybe turn one of my movie scripts into a stage play. I've been in theater all my life, you wouldn't think that would be hard. It might be hard in Beloit, though, since they don't just hand anyone a director's job. If I find out I need continued treatment, however, like for cancer, then I'm going to elminate a lot of excess baggage in my life, like AG and WWA and start giving away copper, and focus on family. I have to be careful not to become needy, of course; I'll keep up the projects I have and get them published however I can, for as long as I can.


So I won't be posting tomorrow, probably. But look for me on Friday! Hopefully with the best news. See, I really think I did this to myself. I simply picked up too many projects in 2020, forcing me to sit, and for the longest time at a desk that encouraged bad posture. So with a clean bill of health tomorrow, changes will be made!


5/11/21: In the middle of editing second edition for Civil War & Bloody Peace: kindle edition and am glad to be doing so. The facts don't change, sir, but some of my logic and analysis needed clarification. I also found new material to add, and this time I won't worry that I'm making it too long. This book had been HUGE once, but publishers shied away from it so I kept whittling away at it. But in this edition, too, I'm taking out unnecessary references to Henry. As I've said all along, who he was is not important. But following his orders gives us a more direct look at attitude of those orders. The movie script I wrote on the Little Bighorn will be resubmitted to competition this month, as a last-ditch effort you might say. 


Atlantic Monthly has a great article about giving National Parks back to the Natives. That should be done, and pronto!


As for my new photo, I want to share more detail on that beautiful scarf Adam and his wife Malavika gave me. Malavika found it from a local artist in Seattle, and I found more at this website:

I've subscribed there, and you should, too. You want to buy American? Here's one place to do that.


I need to keep blogging, and I apologize but very few new ideas have come to me lately. I guess I'm just too busy with my editing of projects that I need to get out there. But one thing I have decided and that was to change a project from "creating consciousness: a look at the human soul," to "scourge of the soul: how religions have hurt humankind." I'll dig out the introduction and blog with this change in mind. Perhaps tomorrow.


5/10/21: Birthday wisdom for the year. Don't take a single day for granted. Don't let negativity from others get you down. Don't let your own failures subdue you. There's always something else around the corner. If you cannot smile, at least try not to rage. The world is not the monster. Your reaction to it can be.


5/9/21: Fame is the monster that greatness creates. We all seek to be great in what we do, but it is perhaps better to hold quiet greatness, because people can destroy you. I had those thoughts early this morning. Eleanor sent me a musical birthday card playing "All you Need is Love" and she wanted to know if I liked that song. I plan to ask if they've seen it on YouTube, and tell her to notice that John is chewing gum, because his mouth dries out when he sang. That fame got so big and heavy on them that they turned to drugs, which also tended to change what they created, or how they were able to hide from what they created. And why does my pointer finger feel hot this morning?


It's weird, when you have a biopsy facing you, a test to see if you have cancer, all the little things about your body you begin to notice. What bother me is how healthy I've always tried to live. If I get cancer, is there hope for any kind of healthy living to save us? You ask yourself, when facing something like I am right now (menstrual blood buildup in the uterine at my age?) what did we do to ourselves to create this? It's not a fluke of nature, what happens to us. Yes, we are all created from a combination of two parents, all their strengths and weaknesses, but also of all the genetics of the parents before them. I had a sister who died of a allery to anthesthic. In our family tree, only one distant cousin has been found to have had a similar reaction - daughter of Grandma's sister. No one I know on either side has had uterine cancer. But in my mom's generation, hysterectomies were a 'thing.' I think about one other Bertrand I know - Angeline Jolie's mother. My mom was a Bertrand. Her mother died of ovarian cancer. Angelina didn't want to do that to her children so she had her ovaries removed. I have cysts on my ovaries. Distant cousins? I sometimes think so. Marcheline Bertrand (who married Jon Voight) grew up in Riverdale, near Chicago. Our Bertrand family first settled in Janesville. Not so far apart. 


But though we may inherit genetics from way back, it's what we do to ourselves that trigger these genetics. Now I think my problems first began last summer, when I noticed the cramping. Walking always made me feel better. I also got a new desk without a keyboard, and because of COVID, was stuck in front of my computer more with more projects I found around the house.  This year, as the cramping worsened, I got a new desk with keyboard, put the other one in the finshed basement for home office so I could get rid of the one falling apart down there, and got a cushion for my desk chair, all to alleviate the issues. Now - can we say the cramping and corresponding isssues came from sitting poorly for so long? Or could it have come from the fact that I was suddenly "strong man" in the house because of my husband's disability? But unlike him, I accept the blame for this. I just want to know why. Right now, I'm avoid all heavy lifting. Maybe that'll be a good thing for Joe! (Always look on the bright side.)


5/8/21: There's always something to look forward to on Birthday/Mothers Day week. While I won't get to see my Seattle family, Carrie will visit next week. For some reason they always have graduation on Mother's Day. And I was born on Mother's Day, so those two things are always connected for me. But today I get to shop for my fabulous orchid at K&W, courtesy of my bosses at Alt Tax and their gift card. What great people to work for!  And you couldn't find a better place to invest,if you live in the Janesville area. Then tomorrow my brother is taking me and Aunt Mar out for brunch. Mar wants to fight him for the bill, so that should be fun. We bought last week, so we can sit back and watch. Then Monday I get to spend the day shopping my favorite spots in Madison while Joe has his drug therapy. Sadly, I had to cancel my outing with a friend on the 12th, because the Doc is insisting I need a covid test before the D&C, and you know what that means. If it's negative I have to quarantine the rest of the day. I don't know what happens if it's positive. But I'm so looking forward to the 13th and getting the gift of health again. 


WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY tomorrow. If she's no longer with you, remember her with kindness and if she is, treat her with love.


5/7/21: Well, at least I'm not in for a full hysterectomy. That's a good thing. But they will do a biopsy after my D&C next week. I just want this cramping pain to go away. It's really hard to sit in front of the computer editing all day long. Although getting up and moving every now and then is a good thing, every 10 minutes, not so good. 


Sure wish I'd hear from one of those auditions! Am I going to lose all three? I'll keep hoping today, but that's it. If I hear nothing, then, I gotta admit it to myself, I'm just not good enough.


5/6/21: I'm getting my print sample of From Lincoln to Trump on Monday and hope to approve it that day!  I'm anxious for everyone to read this. It's like a blueprint to America's future in the examination of its past and how we got to where we are today.


5/5/21: The force was with me yesterday, I'll say that! Today I've blogged on the index of "From Lincoln to Trump," adding the page numbers so you can see which issues dominate. Very telling. The paperback sample copy has been ordered and I hope to make it available soon! I see someone has pre-ordered. This will be great for classrooms, as it also includes a teachers guide.


Passion of the Sons is progressing. I'll be getting that done next. Get your order in, if you've enjoyed Felling of the Sons and Mystic Fire. This is another novel only I could pen.


5/4/21: Big day in a couple of ways. One, hope springs hard for two auditions I should be hearing about in the coming hours. Two, I am submitting my book copy of From Lincoln to Trump to get the sample copy ordered. Yes, it is nearly done! But in the meantime I have to get a pesky medical test done to figure out what's causing some pesky pain and nausea. Always something, isn't there? Nothing to worry about, I'm sure, there never is. But better safe than sorry, as they tell me. This indexing was a real joy to do using a PDF file of the book. That way I wasn't tempted to make changes along the way which really screws up the indexing. Oh, I did find some corrections to make but I was able to make them without changing the pagination, so that make it an extra helpful process. Then tomorrow it's on the road for a well-earned play date!


5/3/22: A week away from my birth date and I don't know how I feel about it. Sure, no big deal turning 68 and the plans for the day are much like the plans for any other day I have to drop my husband off at a medical facility. If only the theater could be open on a Monday. That always makes a day special. And I do plan to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I have a coupon given at work for free appetizer, and I want to help them win the free lunch competition. They sent me my last check and a really nice bonus besides. I canceled my trip to WWA convention in Colorado in June because at the time it felt like the right thing to do. I like to follow my instincts. I wanted to dedicate myself to getting a house and moving to Green Bay. How can Joe want to live in this heat? We should move north while we can. And he's no longer in charge of the climate inside the house either. He roasted us up yesterday after I told him the shades need to come down during sunny days. How would you like living with a man for nearly 46 years who doesn't listen? Now Marty thinks he'll need to move to Beloit when Becky kicks him out of the house, as early as this summer, so Joe says, yeah we have that little electrified "tiny house" on our property! Oh yeah, I agreed! Well, he's my brother. And he's always seemed to need to live "with" someone. I may be stuck in Beloit, but I'm pretty sure I don't have to be stuck here. So goes my thoughts a week before I lose 67.


5/2/21: Got to thinking about social media again. We have to realize that we're not just throwing conversations into the wind to see which wall they'll stick to, though it can feel that way. We are conversing with other real human beings. And the taste you leave in someone's mouth can linger there for a very long time. It is not your place to change someone's mind. Because you are a blank voice - just many floating around in the wind and those on the other end might not remember you're a real human being, too.


We are adventurers on an uncharted ocean. Keep your life raft handy.


5/1/21: Hooray Hooray the ... oh heck, it's just nice being able to go and visit Mar and Marty and play Oh Hell without wearing our masks. Because that's what we're doing this 1st of May. It's a lovely day, too, for eating outside and I invited Deb to play the game with us but she's never played cards in her life and I'm not sure Mar and Marty will favor the idea so I'll find out over lunch. And we're going to check out a house that would be perfect for us. it looks so homey. Everything we needed to move back to GB is in place now, his infusions and the casino has been approved which means we should get what we want for our house, considering all the improvements we put in.


I was accused of being a troll last night. On one of my group sites a gal asked if people were getting their shots and everyone with a bad reason they weren't I argue with them. Really stirred the pot! I don't call it trolling when people really need to be woke up about this. I am not, I told one gal, wearing a mask the rest of my life. She said well, other countries do it. The only one she could be talking about is China, where they were wearing them on heavily polluted days.


Got another audition to get out tomorrow, all three of these I'm hoping for pay money. I don't want to just be someone who's only value is in doing stuff for free. Still waiting for my pay from last year's article in Muse Magazine.


4/29/21: I'm going to say this just once, and for all the world to see, instead of hiding it in a blog. We need to get RID of ALL organized religions! This is what's tearing the fabric of our society apart. The Conservative Right is made up of religious quacks who are buying into QAnon JUNK like another God! And they want to use their whacked out theories to destroy and remake this country to be just like them. Most of us are not like them. But THEY have the guns and we've seen a record number of shootings since Biden's inauguration, just like Trump wanted. But they are currently uncoordinated. I can see churches right now as gathering places for these nuts and their guns and it won't take much to organize them. Tear down the churches, those vipers' nest of lies and insecurities! Allow everyone freedom to choose their own spiritual path without some power-mad church leader telling them how to think! That's what Trump did - he told them how to think. If you don't think religioon causes madness, just look around. There are those who cannot think for themselves. They are all over social media, saying change must come in God's name. They believe in Armageddon. That alone makes them dangerous. I used to think church was a good place for people like that. But not anymore. What will people who don't think do if they don't have a church to turn to? I suppose they'd create one. But a church created from hate for other people, well, maybe there's no escaping it. Maybe all we can do is keep trying to help them out of that darkness of hate. Most people will thrive in their religious beliefs, even without a church to go to. You can pray anywhere.


4/28/21: Amazing day yesterday. Turned out the greenhouse trip we went to was in Amish country. Never ever shoped at an Amish store before. Amazing people, amazing prices. Good thing I had my checkbook along, no cards of any kind used there. But I get the distinct impression they have keep themselves far removed from the pandemic. Most of the people shopping didn't wear masks either. And up in that country we saw a couple of Trump flags still flying. If you're in Wisconsin and want to go there are a number of greenhouses in like a 5 mile radius - search online for Miller's or Otto's Greenhouse and go from there. Machester, WI is a location you can go to. Drove over to Sauk City from there to do more research for my novel, giving me some fun new ideas, and from there to see a 'cheap' movie in Madison. Opted for "Nobody," with Bob Odenkirk. Had me laughing a loud. He got started as a comedian before joining the series Breaking Bad. This movie did not disappoint. But so glad I have nothing more to do today than index. Is this what aging is? No energy for more than a day in a row?


4/27/21: Didn't get to work on the walking tour at the historical society yesterday, darn it. They had a major mailing to get out and we did it, mostly just me, with a little blood shed. I also FINALLY got a proof copy for the paperback of "From Lincoln to Trump" done. Turns out I really do need to upload the PDF, and get their template, and make sure my word layout size matches their template. That's really all it took. Seriously, just get a kindle sample copy of this book for now. You'll see how much it's changed, and matured. Got another 75 pages, too, even though I took some unneeded stuffout. Getting us through and out of Trump's presidency is the most important part. You'll see he wasn't the disaster many of us expected, but will agree we are all better off without a businessman as politician, as this book also demonstrates.


Today we're going on a greenhouse tour north of Madison that a co-worker provided - should be fun! More research in Sauk City for my novel, too.


4/26/21: Okay, I opted to post the first seven pages of Pensaukee: Voice of a Landscape, a book I worked on near the end of my history BA at UW-GB. With so much research that went into it, I can't very well let it go to waste. It is seeking a publisher.



4/24/21: Exhausted and butt sore, but I'm here! I biked for the first time this summer to Horace White Park where I then walked out an idea for a new walking tour of the historic campus and area. I was happy to have a fellow Landmark Commission member, Joy, join me. She's helped with this in the past, and lives nearby. I had yesterday come up with an idea for a blog on Earth Day but darned if I can think of it now. I was in the middle of both creating the biblio for the print of From Lincoln to Trump and trying to see if I could make the Michigan tables fit into a Kindle book, haven't gotten there yet. Darn, Anyway, Adam confirmed that he got the right copy of "From Lincoln to Trump," so now I can start a campaign on that. If I can come up with some catchy things to say about it. Right now I just hurt, and need to get these tour photos inserted before I forget what I took photos of.


4/23/21: Yay! Got an audition from my agent! They've not forgotten me. I'll get that out on Sunday, but first I need to get an audition done today for a paid movie role. Fun stuff. Not missing work. Well, I will miss a regular paycheck, of course. But like anyone, I prefer being appreciated for what I can do. Speaking of which, no one wants a free Kindle copy of second edition From Lincoln to Trump? That is SO embarrassing. Is my work really that bad? I know, I am preparing 2nd edition Civil War & Bloody Peace because a reviewer said it was in need of editing, and that's why I seek contracts for all my work. But if it comes to the point where my SP work does not sell, I don't see how any publisher is going to take a chance on me. 


4/22/21: I am embarrassed to admit I got the director to say she appreciated my acting. Ah, insecurities. It comes after a horrible tax review meeting where it was obvious I was back in high school again. There are popular girls and not popular girls, and only one staff who is sensitive to the issue. No, I can't go back. I can't stand that kind of treatment. If I do my best work and don't get any respect for it, what's the use? I'll still work the polls. She seems to like me there. And I'm still enjoying volunteering for Beloit Historical. I'm now in charge of re-invigorating the history walk tours, and am going to walk one on Saturday, weather permitting, to see how many steps. I want to shorten it a bit, and make each stop more interesting, for our older and younger crowds. This is just the first. I envision three altogether. I'm not sure they ever had one on the west side of town. If i give a tour, though, I'd have to have a microphone. My voice just won't hold out. I asked at the Landmark commission meeting if anyone wants to join me. I hope they know that's weather permitting.



4/21/21: I think the book is available now, but I sent a gift copy to my cover artist son to see if he gets the right edition. Then I can start an active campaign.  Oh yesterday went great! Except for my hair, but I think it's unruliness made me look more like an art teacher and less like I was trying to be a famous actress. Anyhow, I really enjoyed everyone I worked with there. And I hope the one gal who got my facebook name friends me! And I got to be present at the Landmark Meeting and at the end told people about the walking tour I was setting up. And where to meet me. Of course, now they're predicting rain that day. Of course.  Right now, though, I just feel drained. I have to go to our final wrapup tax session at work in a little bit and no desire to do anything else. Much to do, though. Nova responded that they need to format it their way and I needed a sample of what their way is, to make sure I can work with it. Meantime, my legal team is looking over the contract.


4/20/21: Passion of the Sons is done and now over 95,000 words! That's as much as any novel I get published! But this one is free, only if you read both my Bonanza novels and loved them! I do want to do another read through, though, to make sure everything holds together. So I'll post on it when that's done. I just sent it to the four who asked for it, and maybe they'll give me some suggestions, too.


So after waiting since last August for an answer from UW Press, I finally get a no to my query. "It's not environmental enough." Well, boo. Just becauuse I don't have credentials. Story of my life.


4/18/21: We saw the movie "Nomadland" yesterday and I would be happy enough to see it win best picture, because I think it would help me get a publisher for "Romancing the Road," which is my poetry collection of road travel. I came up with this new title while watching the movie. Frances's character is mourning both the loss of her husband and of the company town in Nevada where they lived, that shut down when the business went under. Nevada itself is a romantic state, because it has so many of those ghost towns built on mining. And did I mention - I got the part! But we're filming earlier than I anticipated. Nuts.


4/17/21: I continue to be amazed by how much I read has relevance somewhere in my life. Malavika, my daughter-in-law, sent me three of her University of Washington magazines that she works in and they are delightful reading materials, something I would not have expected to get much from. But I guess I've always been interested in the collegiate world and this is part of that. I finished the Grant's world tour biography and found that to be aggrandizing Grant, more than accepting any criticisms he might have received along the way, which is a shame. So it's not a good source of Grant material, except, like in Grant's autobiography, only what he allowed in print. At least, that's how it reads to me. For a president who gets low marks overall, one has to wonder when and where those low marks began, after reading this. But in the most recent Washington magazine, I read about a native woman doing work in archaeology and now I want to contact her about the CAMD. You just never know where any reading will lead you. Like True West. I was ready to blow off an article that at first seemed to hold no value, but as I got into it, realized what I needed in a whole new edit of "Six Barrels Loaded." 


4/16/21: The delight of being a historian with several projects in the works is in reading a source for one project, I tend to find things for other projects, too. I bought a book on Grant's World Tour in '78-79 and found a nice section on his visit to Virginia City. I'm going to check and see if he invested there and that's why he went broke in early '80 and had to write his memoirs. I found reference to Philip Deidesheimer helping with the Sutro tunnel there! Nice to see the Dutchman hung around after inventing the mining honeycomb method of timbering. I found a way to refer to him in the novel I'm editing, too. I was reading that book to find out if anywhere in the world they wanted to know what Grant had done to the Sioux Indians, but everyone treated him as a war hero, even in India. I suspect that any negatives were removed.  I sent a copy of the Michigan Copper Resource Manual to Nova because there were a few issues in the contract I worried about. We'll see what happens. No one is responding to my need for references, either, so I suspect SP is the only route for this series.


4/11/21: I'd like to think I'm like most anyone, wanting respect for my work. Last week I dropped out of a movie that was supposed to film a year ago but didn't because of Covid. Weak excuse, I filmed a commercial last June. Anyway, I dropped out because it was a two hour drive for two lines, and no pay, and I didn't like the guy, had to unfriend him because he kept making obscene remarks on my posts. Anyway, that same day I got approved to audition for the part of an art teacher, they were looking for someone 50ish and I said if you could age that teacher a little more, I'll audition. I dressed the part, set up my phone, learned the lines, asked about the last line, used my glasses as a prop, said the last line as a close up - and got the part! She said she liked what I did with it the best. No, no pay, another college film, I'm sure. But I'm hyped! It'll shoot the end of April, after I'm done working. This feels like the thing I need to move forward.



4/10/21: Taking care of business. Took today off of work because co-worker wanted it so bad and we're dumping our cable for Dish, which is coming in tomorrow to set up, meaning I needed to do some housecleaning! Spectrum thinks they can charge us $200 a month, they can think again! I don't know what they'll do to our phone plan with them. We're on a wait and see with that, but we'll switch to either T-Mobile or Consumer Cellular, if we have to. Neither of them will take our phones.  Anyhow, I need to keep moving but I did add MORE to the gun regulations blog. Fun stuff I learned yesterday, as gun rights nuts continue to compare gun use to car use. It appears the Earthlink part of our package won't come in until 4/13, so it might mean I'm without wireless for a few days. I'll find out tomorrow, hopefully able to post before it gets disconnected, if that happens.


I'm reading "The Soul of Things," a book published in 1863 & 1865 (2nd edition) and it fits in perfectly with the edit I'm doing on "Passion of the Sons," which means that FREE novel (If you liked both Mystic Fire & Felling of the Sons) is getting a good number of pages added to it, as I also find places where I moved a little too quickly and can linger on this time. The novel is actually quite exciting - I wish I could get it published.


4/8/21: Okay, I'm not done indexing yet, but the tunnel has lightened. I'm on the last chapter, and it's a doozy, of course, but the stuff I'm finding along the way that needs to be added to the book means this is going to be a hell of a book! Yesterday at work Peggy T asked me if I knew which president coined "normalcy" and I thought I'd look it up. And yes, I did have it noted in my book, but what I found online about it meant I didn't look closely enough at what turned out to be a similar expression to "make America great again." I had time at work so I started looking at what I wanted to include in my analysis chapter. That will include ERA, attitude against Reconstruction, why we really entered Vietnam, when the rich became favored and even apologized for. We're going to learn that Trump is not so far from Lincoln as we thought, but that Social Media - with a big SM - makes people stupid voters.


4/4/21: I don't dream like I used to. I remember parts of my dream from last night but not like some of the ones I found that I'd written down. Such detail and realism. Last night's was of a ride Carrie took us one, like riding in a golf car, over a big hill and when we crested the top, and started downward suddenly, all three of us flew upward and hit the ceiling - so we were inside somewhere -- before falling (floating) back down again. I wanted to do it again but Joe goes 'no way' and I knew it wouldn't work without all three of us. 


4/1/21: No April Fool's here. I think April 1 should be the start of the new year, since it basically is considered the start of spring, generally speaking. I mean, March is supposed to go out like a lamb, right? Well, not this year, although technically, maybe, yeah, because when I walked to work from the bus stop in early March the temp hovered at around zero, and at the end of March more like a windy 45. So much better, right? Just got off training for the elections on April 6th. I suppose I should have voted absentee, but didn't. Now I might not be able to. Maybe after my dental tomorrow, I'll run to the clerk's office and see if I can pick up an absentee. Just figured they weren't going to need me Tuesday, now it sounds like they might. Son of a gun. And Joe needs to vote but he might not have the car. Oh my life is a mess when I have too much to do. So I guess I'm the April fool.


Monette Bebow-Reinhard spent years, while raising children, satisfying her artistic bent by acting, directing and writing plays. She wrote her first movie script in 1975 but author William Peter Blatty said it was already a movie. In 1993 she gained access to the world of Bonanza through contact with its producer/creator, David Dortort. After three years, during which she promoted a script she wrote, she met with him in LA and convinced him she could write Bonanza material. After the Calder contract ended, she became the authorized Bonanza writer with two novels published, now in 2nd and 3rd editions. She continues to write movie scripts and has won several minor awards. Her first Bonanza novel, Felling of the Sons, won two awards; a first and a second place. She earned a master's in history in 2006 and Dortort felt her vision of the Civil War, and of Lincoln, was the same as his. She picked up a co-author for Dancing with Cannibals, an African historical in 1906, using his research and vision to help him make it a controversial and exciting adventure. Between 2016 and 2017 three novels got contracts but all are no longer available, due to her disappointment in these two publishers. She has done a lot of film acting in recent years, is agented, and filmed a local commercial that aired, even in prime time, in 2020. 

Bebow-Reinhard’s most recent publication is From Lincoln to Trump: a political transformation; written because she was tired of people not understanding why our first black president was a Democrat. With this book, and her other book, she calls herself a journalistic historian. Facts and attitudes are needed to understand this nation's history. 


CIVIL WAR & BLOODY PEACE: FOLLOWING ORDERS – a soldier's orders that are followed between 1862 and 1884 show relevance to today's world. Divisiveness today is easier to understand, and maybe even to deal with when we see the similarities related to race and equal rights. How did we get this way?

FELLING OF THE SONS – In 1860 Nevada, after the Paiute War, a father fights a nemesis out to destroy all he loves. His dilemma, when all three of his sons are in danger in different directions, which one does he rescue first?

MYSTIC FIRE – The Civil War in the East reaches Nevada when runaway slaves are sent to find a Cartwright to help stop Lincoln and end up tearing the family apart.

DANCING WITH CANNIBALS – Are cannibals monsters or real people? You might be surprised. Follow the adventures of two colonists to the Belgian Congo in 1906 and discover the reason some cultures eat human flesh, and how they struggled in this historical fiction to keep their world from being decimated.

ALIEN LOVERS – This adventure into the source of the human soul pairs a vampire with an alien who is bent on turning the Earth "back." A must read for the trilogy adventure "Journal of an Undead." 


GRAVEYARD: A dead woman chases her identical twin to a new town in this hilarious attempt to claim her husband and her children, getting them all mixed up in some afterlife hi-jinx. 

THE BIGHORN DECEIT: A soldier who befriends Custer follows disingenuous orders to the Little Bighorn. A FINALIST IN THE 2020 CREATIVE WORLDS AWARD COMPETITION.

AWAKENED: In 1503 Greece a cowardly Janissary Turk soldier falls for a Sultan's slave. They are killed trying to escape and he returns as vrykolakas—vampire. She follows him in spiritual form to help him learn to fight his thirst.

THE MEXICAN WALL AFFAIR: A political superhero romp COMEDY/SATIRE features Mexican mythological heroes determined to stop the wall from being built between the US and Mexico when a girl calls to them for help to see her mother one last time. The evil US president wants the wall to control drug trafficking.

DEAD MAN'S PASS: A cattle drive composed of a variety of immigrants sets out to unhaunt a canyon pass where other drovers have met their fate. When they are joined by a man cursed to go through a third time, the Indian drover must find a way to share his secret.


IF IT RAINS IN PARIS: scheduled to turn into a novel, this follows the adventures of a mother, her daughter and granddaughter on a trip to Europe, in an attempt to bond and heal old wounds. Based on a true story.




DEADLINE: Envisioned as the afterlife of assassinated people, and a play that the characters can be cast as any age and any sex.