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Good To Know

The Grimm Journey

Ever since I was a little girl and found out my grandmother's maiden name was Grimm, I fancied myself a storyteller.  I even had an anthology  published by All Things That Matter Press called "Grimms American Macabre," but it didn't do that well, and the publisher canceled the contract when I forced them to stop selling "Saving Boone." Both will likely be slatted for self-publishing, somewhere down the line.


But this anthology will be named "Grimms' American Fairy Tales," and will have more of a direct connection to the German Grimm, as Germany has been calling me lately. I found a delightful comment about "German rings" in an Sioux's autobiography, and am going to see "News of the World" soon, in part because I'm interested in old journalism (ie Territorial Enterprise) and because the little girl he helps to find her family is German.


I've also planning Germany as my next big trip ever since getting back from Crete.


I want to learn more about my Grimms background and here's what I got so far.  Jacob and Dora Grimm settled in Grimms, Wisconsin – not named after them – in 1911.  Dora was a Zarnett, of the Zarnetts with psychic abilities.  Jacob's dad was from Zurich, Switzerland, which in some time previous had been pretty Germanic.  Anyway, his dad's name was Conrad and he either lived in or was caretaker for a castle in that area, town of Windlawk.


I plan to go to Germany as soon as I can swing it, which, due to my tax season job returning, I hope to be in fall of 2021.  I also want to research my Great-Uncle Henry Bertrand who was from southwestern Germany.  He supposedly went AWOL from the army in Wurtemberg to some to this country in 1862.   I plan to follow any Grimm tracks I can find, through the Black Forest, and wherever time allows.


If anyone has any tips about researching in Germany, please contact me. And if you've always wanted to go, but not alone, and know some German, maybe you can come along!

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