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Documents and Videos

Free short story, "After the Fall" (222 KB)

You can go to Bonanza Boomers for the official version at It costs nothing to join and get access to a rich variety of Bonanza stories.


For those who aren't member, you can download a copy here, free.

cartwright_saga_anthology.pdf (2.35 MB)

8 short Cartwright stories, starting with Adam's return from college, and following him through his development as eldest son to where he finally leaves the Ponderosa, for good. It includes stories I wrote completely at the Ponderosa Ranch, the first one I ever wrote, and one that I thought was a real episode I saw as a kid, only to find out I made it up as a kid. This is the newly edited 2020 edition.

updating__the_wittry_typology.pdf (832 KB)

The updated Wittry Typology - free to download.